Cross-Border Trade ETS Terminal Marketplace Exchange

Asset Marketplace Exchange

The Global Asset Marketplace Exchange for New Production, Manufacturers, New & Used Assets. Inside the Marketplace Exchange, the market offers an exclusive intelligent trading environment for invited Production and Manufacturers to global sales, production and recyclable assets forecasting, to better calculate future trends and profit affecting current production.

Asset Marketplace Exchange October 25, 2018Leave a comment

On the Marketplace Exchange, we explore 7 key elements & dimensions – Availability, Demand, Geographic Correlations, Searchable data, Filtering Capacity, Payment Execution & Real-Time Market Data, all of which are integral to achieving the most professional & sustainable trading environment, facilitating less latency between search & trade. The overall impact is staggering and will transform the way global trading is done today with endless search and non-performance, due to geo-blocking and other financial obstacles.

Our vision is to add the 8th dimension to our trading environment, Marketplace “Business Re-Cycling” , launching 2019. The 8th dimension will enable us to calculate exactly with real-time market data when & where an asset is more valuable to the market, shredded down to Re-Cyclable waste and put back into the industry for manufacturing assets that will re-appear on the Asset Marketplace Exchange.

The Asset Marketplace Exchange is currently running in BETA v 1.0

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