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ETS can trade your diesel banned car

In the light of the German diesel driving ban in cities all across Germany, many Germans are faced with the fact that their cars will be useless or less useful in the near future.

ETS can trade your diesel banned car October 31, 2018Leave a comment

Who hasn’t heard about the German diesel ban lately? More facts are being presented day by day, and it all leans towards a couple of dates that should be in every German diesel owners calendar. More local authorities are adding to the list of banning diesel cars in the city centers and soon enough, reading all the reports and proclamations, we will see a complete standstill of Euro 5 and older, beginning in JAN 2019 with Euro 4. By SEPT 2019 we will see the last of Euro 5 diesel cars in the German city centers.

ETS has for many years been trading cars, exporting out of the single market, known as the EU. We have buyers interested in German produced diesel cars, and we have programs to help you look into this service, offered for all Germans defaulting on their emission levels set by their local community. We also have services for the industry to handle larger volumes of fleets that have to be stored and further handled, exported or simply scrapped and dismantled.

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